Crazy fun! If you liked Oblivion then this game is for you!

This game has incredible graphics and roaming room. The V.A.T.S. is innovative for a first person game. The story line is halfway decent. I haven't played all the way through but so far it has been pretty good. The interactivity shows great potential and variety. The fact that you can have a disposition is pretty cool in this game. The lock-picking is easy but fun. The side missions for evil and good are pretty good. I think it would be cool if the fast travel would be like you throw out some sort of teleportation pad or something and teleport. The RADS meter is confusing to me for some reason. What does the Radiation do? The sound, graphics, and interactivity get a 10, but the innovation gets a 9. I would like to see more games like this set in a different time like during the Holocaust or World War II. I think Bethesda has taken the RPG world by storm with this outstanding game.