A good game with Luigi?!

Most of the time we get games with Mario as the star and Luigi as a character for 2 player only.Not anymore!One of the first games for the gamecube Luigi's Mansion has you playing as Luigi!the plot is very different Luigi wins a mansion in a contest he never entered,when going to see the mansion he finds it infested with ghosts.He then meets E.Gadd who gives him the Poltergeist 3000 to figh off the ghosts and save Mario,who went there ahead of time,from King Boo and his portait ghosts.the gameplay is fun and easy to learn.But the game suffers from 2 things.Mario has been beating Boos for years and suddenly gets captured by them.There is also the lack of characters.And the portrait ghosts are kind of bland.Only a couple have a good backstory.But still if you like Luigi and want a good game to last you for abi then get this game!