For those who are looking for some quick and reflex testing action game, this game is fun.

User Rating: 7.5 | Golden Axe: Beast Rider PS3
Graphics is subpar, presentation is, well, at least it has a presentation, there is only one playable character and it's a female and it got horrible reviews (3.5 from IGN).

However I rented the game after hearing "depth in combat", "fun for action game fans" in user reviews. I am glad that I rented the game. Golden Axe: Beast rider is no AAA game, it does not elevate the genre to the next level, but it is a fun game for what it is.

It's a "button masher" with a few set of combos. Well, that doesnt sound like fun, right? But somehow it is a lot of fun. Evading, parrying, then countering... you can pull a "fatality" counter by pressing the correct button (light/heavy/light+heavy) depeding on the "size/type" of enemy. On top of it, you can time your regular attacks to get the sword "burning". Then add the beasts, a bit of magic and you realize the combat system has considerable depth and it's fun.

Cons? well, there are plenty: graphics are plain, uninspired; camera doesn't help much; saving system is "arcade like"; getting gang banged while laying down isnt much fun; presentation is lackluster... If you can overlook the downsides, you may find a fun game underneath waiting for you.