Re4 is so far the best game out of all the games.

Well I had the ps2 version for about 2 years now.I got it about 1 month after the game came out for the ps2.I love this game.It can get very,very adicting at times.For example,trying to get the extra's suck as.....the Chicago typewriter,the Handcannon,the mafia uniform,the laser gun,and the Chicago typewriter on sepret ways wich u play as Ada.The best thing about this great game is the gameplay! At times deaths can get funny and fun and a slap in the head.I have the chicago typewriter on sepret ways and the normal game and both special unifroms.Im still trying to get the handcannon which is a challange.I love the extra's after u beat the game.You get....Sepret ways with Ada,merchinares (sorry if i spelled it wrong)where u can unlock and play Ada,Krauser,Wesker,and even the one and only,HUNK.Also the movie browser,for the normal and speret ways game.Also a challaging extra is assinment Ada.The third best thing about this great game is the GRAPHICS!There amazing!The worst thing about the game is the sound tho.The voice acting is ok but not great great but i still give this game a 10!

Thank u for reading!