I love this game!

so, I've played metroid prime 1 before. but, this game brings the wii controls to that and metroid prime 2. this game is super awesome for any metroid fan or any first person fan or any adventure fan. with the wii controls, tasks that used to be hard are now easy. the controls are set up perfectly so I can move around easier. metroid prime 1 was so fun, I beat it (bought the fusion suit in the bonus gallery) and played it again on veteran. metroid prime 2 is fun like metroid prime 1 but with a dark twist. metroid prime 1 and 2 are way better on the wii. now on to metroid prime 3. this game is so innovative in the metroid series. there are so many great items that are not in 1 and 2. the screw attack, ship missles and grapple, grapple lasso (just pulling things off), the multi missle thing, ice missles, and that's only as far as i've gotten in the game. the games are great the bonus unlockables make it more fun. I reccomend this game to anyone who wants to have lots of fun for lost of time and a decent price (considering that metroid prime 3 alone is $50)