I am currently playing this game along with the first one, I like some of the changes that they made but................

User Rating: 10 | Mana Khemia 2: Ochita Gakuen to Renkinjutsushi Tachi PS2
But, Not all of the changes are for the better. Those barrells apparently just for decoration where as in the first game you could at least smash them open and get stuff or say,"Barrell" and get stuff especially for those rackin,frackin recipes!! Oh the humanity! I wish this game had come with a BOOK!

Did you know that the walkthrough is about $40 some dollars? NOW, as for the game itself...I am enjoying it which is the point.The game play is basically the same and I like that the characters from the first game ARE in this one. The "dungeons" are still fun and still quirky enough that I smile everytime I go into the Library where Pamela used to be. I am generally happy with what i am seeing and doing so far. I really LOVE turn-based combat games, they are by far my favorite way to play because they make you THINK!!
I like having to really think about what to do next, use magic, smack em with my weapon or send someone ELSE to get hurt!

I am gonna go back to making stinky,awful recipes that get me yelled at and HOPE that I figure the 100 percent ether rate soon!