Please pinch me!!

All i can say is that, there should be more games just like this. For different reasons. I mean, not all games should be the end of the world and not all games should be lead by brooding,angsty young men with evil rivals. NO NO NO!

This game's comedic athmosphere is what makes it stand out (and the fact that you can recruit 177 characters ^_^)

The story begins with Jack Russel, whose father is a famous knight and he is about to go to Radiara castle to prove his mettle and try out for the knighties. He gets beaten up by a girl named Ridley, but because of his famous name, he gets accepted into the knights anyways.
The world of radiata may seem happy, lalalalala, but it's NOT!! (DUN DUN DUN) All the humans has a long lasting conflict with the non-humans and (as usual) it is up to the protagonist to choose who's side he wants to be on and forever change his destinY!!!

I don't think it's really the story that drives this game but the way they present it. The 177 eccentric characters, the suprisingly good voice acting, and the overall translation that thankfully survived overseas.

Now that i think about it, this game is like any other except for the game's light mood. I mean, the battle system is almost like star ocean (from the creators of STAR OCEAN!!! TRI ACE!!).

Okay, people say this game is boring, pointless (it probably is ^_^), and just full of yucky crappyness. And that it's hard.
Well, it's not!! HAHAhAH!!!

Go play this game if you want to want funny fun fun! ^_^