A really good baseball game but with some errors in it.

User Rating: 8.4 | Major League Baseball 2K5 PS2
The good: Fun baseball game, among the best GM Careers I've seen, can get hooked on for hours

The bad: inaccurate stats, freezes at some points

Major League Baseball 2K5 is among the best baseball game I've ever played. The graphics are stunning, the detail in the game from weather, to fans is great. It is also very fun.

Perhaps the best part of 2K5 baseball is the GM Career. All the things you can do in it heighten above most other Franchise modes in other games. It is a fantastic baseball game that you will love.

However, nothing is perfect (with the exception of Starcraft). There are some little errors in the game. For example, in the GM Career mode, if you have a great relief pitcher who does fantastic, the stats aren't there for him. They'll just remain the same every game! Also, when you try to check the stats after the game, it often freezes. You've lost the whole game!

But in the end, the positives outweigh the negatives.