Suffers from "Dumb Blonde" syndrome: Looks great, but a bit shallow.

User Rating: 7.5 | Major League Baseball 2K5 PS2
Don't get me wrong: you always want to take a shot at the great looking blonde! But after a few attempts, there are some lingering deceptions. Granted, the first few games I've played were at a lower level, to get things going by hitting more than 1 hit a game. But even though I went up in playing level and tweaked the A.I. manually (which is great, by the way), seems that with a runner at 2nd and a ground ball hit to second baseman, the game always tries to cut my runner at 3rd, even with 2 outs! That kills me every time. What's wrong with the jersey numbers?? The Angels signed Steve Finley this winter and rightfully allowed to wear his #12. Why is Dallas MacPherson still wearing it? I sense trouble in the locker-room! Same with Garett Andersson: his #16 was doubled when I traded to get Sandy Alomar Jr. Commentaries from the broadcast booth are great and don't come around to often. But when I played against the Indians recently, seemed that Richie Sexson was playing every position in the infield, since he made every great diving plays from 3rd to SS to 2nd base before throwing a strike to (guess who) Sexson at 1st. Ejections? Great stuff, but what does it take to get some. And when you begin a clunk war with the CPU, why does the umpire don't issue warnings before ejecting people? That would make for a nice cut-scene. So, to resume, the game is fun and good looking. I'M just afraid it's a bit to shallow to keep my interest running for an entire season. Fred