could be better.

User Rating: 7 | Major League Baseball 2K5 PS2
Well, I had been looking forward to buying this, but it was not quite what i expected. The first flaw that caught my eye was the very strange swing. The batter practically turns around! I play baseball and i know you're supposed to turn your hips in your follow through, but you're not supposed to look at the umpire. Also, i'm not wild about the whole guess pitch thing, it's more of an inconvenience then anything and half the time I don't even remember to do it. However, it is still a lot of fun to hit because its fairly easy to make solid contact. Where to begin with the fielding. The stupid showboats (I know you can turn them off but it's still stupid) the horrible looking dives, the ridiculously fast players, that weird cro-hop thing before a throw, and probably the weirdest thing to happen to me, the robbing a homer that was six feet over my head. Probably the coolest thing about this game was the base running. I must admit, the thing where you can play the runner is really cool. The thing about the base running though is the bases on the four corners of the screen. I really easily lose track of where the runners are. I know that this is probably going to get me smacked, but i really liked the pitching. The cross hairs are really cool! Also, in the create a player option, the pitches are really specific. They range from 12-6 curve ball, to a simple four seam fastball. All in all MLB 2k5 is a fun game, but a disappointing one at that. this is my first review so cut me a break