I was worried, but this game is much better than a 5.5

User Rating: 8 | Major League Baseball 2K12 X360
I was worried to try this after reading the reviews, but I am happy I did coming from mlb2k7 this game is a huge improvement in every way. the gameplay is solid with nice duels between pitcher and batter. and it is much easier to tell balls from strikes compared to older baseball games. and with the adjustable sliders you can set the difficulty to your liking. the graphics could be better but are not bad. and the commentary is top notch it makes you feel like your watching a game on tv. the only real problem ive found so far is on some plays your fielders just dont react properly not throwing fast when called for and just jogging to balls in the outfeild. and this can be frustrating but thankfully dosent happen all that often. so if you have no baseball games, or a older version of 2k7 or 2k8 than i can not recommend this enough if your a baseball fan.