Gameplay is ok, but the graphics are terrible when your used to MLB The Show

User Rating: 8 | Major League Baseball 2K12 X360
I had MLB the show the past 2 years. Well I sold my PS3 and this is my only baseball option. After being used to those games, this game isnt close. The gameplay will grow on you and isnt bad but the visuals is what gets me. The Show series is literally the greatest looking sports games of all time. Even the visuals on NBA2K12 are great so I do not understand how these can be so bad. They have good moments but for the most part I do not feel like I am playing a new game. The online play is fun and I do like how you pitch and hit with the right stick like you do in the Show. The fielding meter is a nice touch since thats what I am used to. Overall its a fun game and if its your only option I would buy it, but if you have a PS3 then The Show is hands down the way to go. The visuals and Audio of the Show just overall makes for a more enjoyable and addictive game, but after time 2K will grow on you and you will enjoy playing especially if you are a big baseball fan