"MLB 2K11 is very similar to MLB 2K10 in almost every way imaginable!"

User Rating: 8 | Major League Baseball 2K11 X360
Gameplay: MLB 2K11 is nearly identical to last year's highly successful iteration in nearly every way possible. It doesn't matter what game mode you play, it is rare to spot any new addition that wasn't in 2K10. All hitting and pitching mechanics are exactly the same. You still have to use the right analog stick to gesture the selected pitch and the left analog stick to aim the pitch in the strikezone. This is a good thing though becuase it works really well, especially during the pitcher vs. batter duels. Again, hitting is identical, too. To hit for contact ,simply flick the right stick up and for power pull back on the right stick before the pitch and then push up on it as soon as the ball crosses your batter's eye. The only new addition to the gameplay persay is a new, revamped fielding meter, which works much better than last year's meter where you had to hold a button in until the meter hit the ball designated. Now, all you have to do is hold down the appropriate button until the meter hits your green sweetspot. As you might expect, if you hold a button in too long, you will overthrow the basepad and create and error.

Presentation: MLB 2K11 claims to have much more realistic player models. Well, this is a huge stretch of truth. All of the star players faces look spot on, however many of the younger players are hit or miss, and they're usually a complete miss! A huge selling point though is how much detail is put into each one of the 30 baseball diamonds! Visual Concepts and 2K Sports really did a great job making sure that every ballpark looked identical as it did in real life. Major bugs are still pertinent in this year, again! A.I. players act much more realistically than last year, but there are many other little glitches that should've been corrected by now. For example, the crowd still looks like cardboard if you look high up in the stands, there is still no option for rain delays to occur which is very disappointing, and the commentators lines are virtually recycled from last year. Another letdown is the horrific soundtrack which spans less than 20 songs. All are terrible selections for a baseball game, especially and they repeat far too often to be mentioned.

My Verdict: Hands down, if you have a PS3, the Show 2011 is obviously the better choice! It's very hard for me to recommend this game to anyone, so if you already have this game, then either sell it for $20, or else!