Many glitches/bugs hold this game back.

User Rating: 7 | Major League Baseball 2K11 X360
Many things in this game hold it back. It is a fun game at times, but it can often glitch and freeze your game for about 20 seconds. This problem I found is mainly when you are in the "My Player" mode playing the CF position. A ball is hit toward the wall and instead of wall climbing your player will glitch into the wall and the game will freeze for about 20 seconds. This has happened to me more the once and can be very frustrating at times. Despite the major glitches and bugs the game is actually decent. In "My Player" the AI does a good job of mixing up pitches and the graphics look great. Using the right stick to swing may take a couple hours to get used to, but works effectively when your timing is right. This is a decent game, but is definitely not turning any heads. You may want to rent, or buy a used copy of this game because it just simply isn't worth the $63.00.