This is the biggest scam of the year, more than likely. MLB 2k10 was repackaged, slightly tweaked, and released again.

User Rating: 5.5 | Major League Baseball 2K11 X360
MLB 2k10 did a lot of things well, but the fact that MLB 2k11 should have been simply a patch for 2k10 should show a lot.

The things it did right. It has smoother graphics, similar to the increase in NBA 2k11 from 2k10. Jagged edges are smoother and shadows look a little better.

There is a new throwing meter. This isn't really an improvement, or a drawback. It's a personal preference. I didn't mind the old one, the new one takes some getting used to, and I haven't yet. It doesn't change my opinion though.

There are now errors. Last year, 2k10 had hardly any errors and they were all user created, if there were any. 2k11 adds more diversity here. It's not always obvious, but it is different.

That's about it. They claim batting has been cleaned up, but honestly, it's the same system.

2k11 still has a HUGE number of line drive putouts to infielders. This is so unrealistic it's not even funny. People complained SO much in 2k10 forums to have this fixed, and 2k sports didn't do it. If anyone watches real baseball, you rarely see line outs to infielders, and if they are, they're usually hard. In 2k10 and now, 2k11, you have lazy, slow flying line drives that are easily run to, and caught in the air. You also have infielders making lightning fast reactions as the ball is being struck, and diving instantly to make a play. It's very unrealistic and looks awkward when someone is in position at the same time the ball s hit. There is no delay, quite often.

The graphics are pretty hideous compared to other 2k games. It's really hard not to compare this game to the OTHER game that is a PS3 only title, but in all fairness, that game is so much better in every regard that it isn't worth mentioning.

Otherwise, nothing else has changed. Sure the graphics are better, but most of the game is the exact same. It's not worth 60 bucks for the same game with enough changes to be a patch for 2k10, including a roster update.

2k Sports has an expiring contract for MLB games and this is pretty obvious, in a horribly lackluster attempt to milk more money for a very small increase to an already fairly flawed game.

This is the biggest flop in sports games and a perfect example of why an exclusive title like MLB the Show punishes those people who only have an Xbox 360 and still want to play baseball games. Companies like 2k sports make hideous products like this that are laughable for even the worst arcades.