Just not the same as Loco Roco

Loco Roco is still to date on of my favorite PSP games. It is just so much fun and so different, not to mention funny. When I saw that a PS3 version was coming out I was so excited. That was until I played the PS3 game.

The game just feels like such a downgrade from Loco Roco. Sure the graphics still look fine, but the gameplay has just gotten worse. The game just felt like a good pick up and play game on the PSP with simple intuitive controls and good level designs. The PS3 version lacks the same creative level design and favorable control scheme. Overall, its really not that bad, its just not as good as the PSP version. The online leaderboards are nice and there is still plenty of stuff to find to 100% each level so its still a solid game at its PSN price point.