Majestic had so much potential.

User Rating: 6.8 | Majestic PC
It is unfortunate that this game did not survive because it was unlike anything I had ever played before.

Perhaps played is the wrong word for it. Experienced would be a more appropriate verb. It invaded your life and took you to a whole different level of immersion for a game.

When the game was on form it was absolutely enthralling. You felt like you were integral to the progression of the story and actually experiencing these events as they occured. It is so hard to explain the feeling. You recived video messages, emails, instant messages and phone calls. Imagine recieving a phone call from a desperetly frightened woman at 3 am. It was incredibally creepy and kept you really interested as to what would happen next.

Unfortunately when the game was not on form it was dull. I had actually subscribed to the 10.99 monthly service just because I wanted to see what happened next. As the story wore on it seemed to slow down and you spent most of your time just waiting. If they had kept up the quality and pacing of the first episode then I would have been more than happy to continue. Majestic seemed to loose its momentum once you started to pay for the service which i found rather odd. After the second or third episode, it is hard to remember since it was so long ago, I had given up out of sheer bordem.

Looking back on it i lament the game's demise because it had the potential of being something that gave you such a tangible experience. A level of immersion that no game had ever achieved and may never achieve again.