While playing this game, I was pleasantly surprised and highly amused with the witty satire and RPG nods to famous chars

User Rating: 8.5 | Magicka PC
This game is fun. The game has some flaws, one being that the game is virtually unplayable on most laptops, which is one downfall that I did not like, and another being the lack of key-mapping to mouse buttons.

When I bought this, I launched right into Challenge mode, skipping the intro to the game, and going right for the fun stuff, and I spent about 2 hours the first night just trying to play around with the intuitive and unique spell mechanic that I think makes the game so enjoyable. I had little, actually none, and I started clicking away, and after a few (20) deaths, I decided something about this was wrong. I then took a breather, and went and journeyed down the path to become a hero.

After the first few lines, I was actually chuckling to myself, and nodding and smiling wistfully in reminiscence of the games that I grew up playing "Ghouls and Ghosts" "Kings and Quests" back in the day, and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. The game language is in Swedish, but the subtitles are in English, and I have to admit, I don't really mind that at all, but some may.

So while playing, I encountered a gripe that some people have mentioned, which is the lack of a save system in the game (Mid-mission) but I find this more of a crutch for players who don't want to take the time to pick up the challenge (we didn't have that feature in Mario growing up now did we, until Mario 3), and I will admit freely I've abused that "handicap" card, when fighting bosses, but this game will not allow it.

Anyways, there a lot more that others will mention, but this is just a comment on what I think of the game, and what I've played on.

Pro: Good Graphics, Fun Commentary/Banter/Dialogue , Challenging, Unique Use of Spells Mechanics, High Re playability, CO OP!!!!, LAN PLAY!!!

Cons: Lack Key Bindings, Incompatibility with IGP(Integrated Graphics Processors) in most laptops, No access to Key mapping for Keyboard while in game, slight mechanics, game stability (I have yet to truly encounter this, I did have one hiccup, but I just restarted Steam, and it fixed it.)
Not enough of my friends have this!