MageSlayer Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat codes

    Press ~ to display the console, type one of the following codes, then press [Enter] to activate the cheat

    Code Effect
    -6dof 3rd person view
    impulse 43 makes player commit suicide.
    impulse 137 Plays bonus Audio tracks
    noclip Noclip mode.
    bigfinale Ending Sequence
    impulse 10 Large Magic Attack
    ode to jack Kill enemies in a level
    +6dorf First Person View
    Impulse 11 God Mode

    Contributed by: lilobaggins 

  2. Spawn codes

    Press ~ to display the console, type pc_spawnthing <code name>, then press [Enter].

    Code Effect
    pc_spawnthingbat bat
    pc_spawnthingsludgeworm Sludge worm
    pc_spawnthingratlord Rat lord (Boss)
    pc_spawnthingratmage Ratmage
    pc_spawnthingwererat1 Small wererat
    pc_spawnthingwererat2 Medium wererat
    pc_spawnthingwererat3 Large wererat
    pc_spawnthingfrostgiant Frost giant (Boss)
    pc_spawnthingicetoad Ice toad
    pc_spawnthingknight knight
    pc_spawnthingsnowwitch Snow witch
    pc_spawnthingwalkinghead Demon
    pc_spawnthingi_bombs Dynamite
    pc_spawnthingi_bouncebombs Bouncing Bombs
    pc_spawnthingsandbeast Chapter 3 boss
    pc_spawnthingsandblaster sand golem
    pc_spawnthinglargespider Large spider
    pc_spawnthingqueenspider Chapter 4 boss
    pc_spawnthinglorethane Chapter 5 boss
    pc_spawnthingundeadcorpse Zombie
    pc_spawnthingzombiepulp Injured zombie Lord
    pc_spawnthinggenie Genie
    pc_spawnthingdragonogre Dragon
    pc_spawnthingminisandbeast Sand beast
    pc_spawnthingscorpion Scorpion
    pc_spawnthingmediumspider Medium spider
    pc_spawnthinglargemaggot Maggot (large)
    pc_spawnthingsmallmaggot Maggot (small)
    pc_spawnthingzombielord Zombie Lord
    pc_spawnthingwraith Wraith
    pc_spawnthingi_health Artifact of Healing
    pc_spawnthingi_inviso Invisibility Dust
    pc_spawnthingi_mana StarStone
    pc_spawnthingi_proxbombs Proximity Bomb
    pc_spawnthingi_shield Shield of Protection
    pc_spawnthingi_speed Medallion of Speed
    pc_spawnthingi_summon Artifact of Summoning
    pc_spawnthingi_timestop Stop Time
    pc_spawnthingi_health_instant Icon of Healing
    pc_spawnthingi_mana_instant MoonStone
    pc_spawnthingi_death Skull of Damnation
    pc_spawnthingi_powerup Icon of Power
    pc_spawnthingrelicpiece A piece of Relic
    pc_spawnthingdrainer One of Lorethane's attacks
    pc_spawnthingsewscrt1 secret level
    pc_spawnthingflamethrower Flame Thrower
    pc_spawnthingpowerup Rune of Ascension (Upgrades your spells)
    pc_spawnthingfstscrt1 Secret level (Alternate)

    Contributed by: lilobaggins