Violent, Realistic, Shocking.

User Rating: 9.5 | Mafia II PC
This game features some fantastic firefights from start to finish that make up for the amount of driving you have to do, in all fairness the driving you do makes you feel so much more in character.

There are parts of this game that will make your heart stick in your throat out of shock ! Without ruining anything.. There is a scene in this game that made me feel like no other.. And is the main reason am writing this review.. This scene was brutal, violent and sick and made me feel upset and shocked and sick at the same time ! and pissed me off and felt just like the characters did in the game.

This game gets off to a slow start but sure as hell covers ALOT of ground.

The ups and downs of a gangster and the story line is so much more realistic that that of the first game. The first game was a masterpeace with a warm hearted story.. This is the reason (I think) that not many fans of the first liked this one so much.. It's much darker and violent in every way and there is not a part where you think what's happening is going to end well but does. It shows you this through Cut-scenes of the money getting made and the partying done etc. But then shortly after your going back to the storyline which leans heavily towards the saying "Crime doesn't pay"

Play this game for the story, the moments and most of all... the closest experience of being a part of the mafia you will ever want (even though there is parts you will be shocked) to...