Mafia 2 has a great story but is let down by certain game flaws and not being very long.

User Rating: 7.5 | Mafia II PS3
Mafia 2 is the sequel to Mafia which was in the PS2 era of games and it makes a return in full 3D so how is the transition.


You take the role of Vito who is retelling the story of how he became a part of the mob. As years go by the story gets more interesting as you rise through the ranks.


Mafia 2 is a sandbox game like GTA and you have to follow a certain marker to a certain location but unlike games like GTA and Red Dead Redemption the game seems to lack side missions it's more of getting from ne area to another and also unlike GTA it is hard to tell if you are on the right floor to the goal you are supposed to go to.

The combat is pretty basic you can punch and counter with combos and later you get to shoot guns at enemies and also has a bit of stealth at times. Sometimes though the game can get a bit hard and frustrating at points. You also have the ability to steal cars by smashing into them to open them or lockpick the car to get inside. The police shall be onto you the majority of the time and in typical fashion you can rob shops and other stuff that the mob do.

The driving can be fiddly because sometimes you are skidding and it can be hard to stop it sometimes. It's understandable at the beginning of the game because of the snow but not when it's nice and sunny. Also the police will chase you if you go to fast,drive dangerously,steal cars or rob places.


A game that is set in between the 40s and 50s it has music from that era and the cars look well designed and the clothing on people seems to fit time this game was supposed to be set which is indeed a nice feature. Some of the voice acting is top quality with some outstanding performances.


As mentioned before the game isn't that long which is a massive shame because it has a good story it just seems over far to quickly.

Overall Opinion

Mafia 2 is probably a game you will play once and may never play again but it is a solid game. It captures the essence of the mob and what it's like to be in that group but it just lacks in content in terms of stuff to do. It seems like you are moving from 1 mission to the next. Also the gameplay isn't perfect but it's worth it just to play through it for the story because it has an excellent story. Worth a look but not a must have.

Overall Score 7.5