Not your typical Wii game. But it's bizarre, fun, and hilarious.

User Rating: 8 | MadWorld WII
I've never played a game where the color scheme was just black and white before. However, when you get the control, the music and sound, the voice acting, and the graphics done correctly, you get an underrated masterpiece that is MadWorld.

The way you fight, the hilarious commentary, and the various ways to defeat others in your way is well worth the price for this game. Just be prepared to laugh your head off. It's not for everyone though, the game is extremely graphic. Sega can actually make something decent other than Sonic the Hedgehog, go figure. I just wished there was a sequel, because there aren't very many "M" rated games for the Wii. If the Wii went with the mindset both Microsoft and Sony had with creating more mature related content and not just mostly kid's stuff, Nintendo would be back in the discussion of best gaming company.