User Rating: 2.4 | Made Man: Confessions of the Family Blood PS2
What in the name of all thats holy is that. Im only happy for one thing.I rented this piece of crap. Imagine if someone would buy it it, then it should come with some weapon to put you out of your miserys.I wouldnt call it a mistake even because sleeping with another woman when drunk is mistake,blowing up 10 blocks with TNT can be a mistake,but that game is disaster.Ill start with the storyline.First you get in this nice old 70ˇs car and then thats it.I never played thru second mission because the movement was absolute crap so is the sound. Never mind the graphics they where understandable but never the less dodgey.Whoever did this should think about careerchange fast, because if he doesnt hes gonna be a hobo.