A game that is a little bit overrated,but it doesn't deserve more than this,that's the true...

User Rating: 6 | Made Man: Confessions of the Family Blood PS2
This game,has a lot of flaws,and it could be a superb game,but there are a lt of mistakes,and the graphics are old,and not that,it has the controls a little strange,and for me,the worst thing of all that is,that you can finish this game in one day only...Yes,it's true,if you don't have anything to do and you play the game at 14h00 pm,you can finish the game at 20h00 pm,believe me,it's true...Why??Because i finish this game in one day,and it was like this...I suggest,you rent it,you play it,and if you think that it's worthy have this game,you can buy it,if not,forget it lol.I have the game,but i finished and never touched the game again,because it doesn't have much more to offer,and well,i was in a good mood and i played till the end,i believe in people that played and,wow,what a weak game lol,but if you are really a fan of games (i'm not saiying good games but all kind of games),you could buy it,also if you have money to buy it lol.I know that there are a lot games better,but the game is not so terrible,believe me,if you had bought a ps2 in this year and you don't have many games,is a good game to play,that's the true,but if you are an old gamer ps2,well,it's different because you probably played superb games already and this one will disapoint you...Only a game for collector's lol