Made Man has some ok graphics and satisfyting action, but its bogged down with bugs. Best to be left on the shelf.

User Rating: 5 | Made Man: Confessions of the Family Blood PS2
INTRO: The story is ok, actually its pretty bad, you are a guy who comes back from Vietnam, somehow gets involved with some mafia group (It actually doesn't tell you!!!) and then fights some seemingly pointless gun fights, then has some random flashbacks to Vietnam and you then play Vietnam missions. All of this is badly explained, as is the purpose of everything that happens in this pretty poor game.

GAMEPLAY: Its just a normal third person shooter similar to Max Payne, just worse and with a **** cover system. The graphics are quite good, and most of the missions are OK but the story is so badly explained and told that after playing the game through twice I still don't know what the story is! So all these missions are pointless and random as you fight hordes of completely identical foes. Christ its bad. Then why a 5.0? You ask, well, the action is pretty good fun at times, and its satisfying (sometimes) and as I said the graphics are ok maybe even quite good. Oh yeah everything sounds great as well especially the pistols and explosions.

GOOD: Reasonable visuals, fun at times, great sound effects.

BAD: Shoddy storyline, every mission is random and pointless as the story is so bad there isn't really one there, poor voice acting, most enemies look exactly the same, which is ridiculous when your fighting ten black guys with afros in red suits holding smg's all at once is just stupid!

OVERVIEW: A quite poor game, not worth time or money. Just take no more interest in it unless you can get it for free, then you may as well have a laugh at how bad most of the game is!