Madden 97 Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Block All Field Goal Attempts

    Choose 3-4 instead of special teams, then choose 52 angle man 3 (push X as soon as you enter the 3-4 menu). Push X once before the ball is snapped so that the middle man is being controlled. When the ball is snapped, press Down. He will weave to the left a little bit to get by the lineman. Run towards the ball and, immediately before the kicker kicks, push Triangle to make him jump. You'll block them every time.

  2. Secret Teams

    Enter the following password at the User Records Screen:

    Code Effect
    TIBURON Secret Teams
  3. See FMV's

    Code Effect
    When the playstation is starting up, hold L2 + R2 See FMV's

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
Strategy Guide Strategy Guide by CMuehlbacher 18K

Madden 97 Cheats For Genesis

  1. Name Passwords

    Create a player with the following name:

    Code Effect
    OVERPAID Bypass Salary-Cap
    DISCO All-70s Team
    HAPPY DAYS All-50s Team
    NEW WAVE All-80s Team
    BOOM All-Time All-Madden Team
    ITSINDGAME EA Sports Team
  2. Sound Test

    Press C, A, C, A, C, A, B at the title screen.

Madden 97 Cheats For Saturn

  1. Cinema Menu

    Turn the system on and hold the L or R button while the game loads. After the copyright screen, there will be a secret ''Cinematics'' menu that lets you watch any of the cinema scenes from the game.

  2. Codes

    Code Effect
    Enter the name TIBURON on the User Records screen for an exhibition game, then press C, B, B, B Unlock 8 more teams

Madden 97 Cheats For Game Boy

  1. Season Passwords

    Enter this on the 'Continue Season' mode option to resume from that respective game.

    Code Effect
    BIGSKC Indianapolis, Week 2, 1-0

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ/Strategy Guide FAQ/Strategy Guide by GammaBetaAlpha 49K

Madden 97 Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Codes

    Code Effect
    Highlight the Lions, then press Select, Y, L, L, and Y 1952 Lions
    Highlight the Packers and press Select, R, B, A, Y 1966 Packers
    Highlight the Jets, then press Y, Y, A, L, and L 1968 Jets
    Highlight the Chiefs, then press L, Y, R, R, and A 1969 Chiefs
    Highlight the Colts and press B, R, Select, Select, Y 1970 Colts
    Highlight the Dolphins and press A, L, L, B, Select 1972 Dolphins
    Highlight the Cardinals, then press Y, R, A, L, and L 1975 Cardinals
    Highlight the Raiders and press B, R, A, L, Y 1976 Raiders
    Highlight the Vikings, then press B, R, R, R, and R 1976 Vikings
    Highlight the Cowboys and press B, A, R, R, Y 1977 Cowboys
    Highlight the Seahawks and press A, R, R, Y, Y 1978 Seahawks
    Highlight the Steelers and press Select, L, A, Select, R 1978 Steelers
    Highlight the Buccaneers, then press R, R, L, L, and Select 1979 Buccaneers
    Highlight the Rams, then press L, R, R, A, and Select 1979 Rams
    Highlight the Eagles, then press B, A, L, B, and Y 1980 Eagles
    Highlight the Falcons and press A, L, L, Y, R 1980 Falcons
    Highlight the Bengals, then press B, L, A, R, and A 1981 Bengals
    Highlight the Redskins, then press B, L, L, R, and R 1982 Redskins
    Highlight the Bears, then press A, L, L, R, and B 1985 Bears
    Highlight the Patriots and press B, L, Y, Select, and A 1985 Patriots
    Highlight the Broncos, then press L, L, Y, A, and Y 1986 Broncos
    Highlight the Ravens and press B, Y, R, R, Y 1986 Browns
    Highlight the Saints, then press L, B, L, B, and Select 1987 Saints
    Highlight the 49ers and press B, A, Y, Y, R 1988 49ers
    Highlight the Bills, then press B, Y, L, L, and Select 1990 Bills
    Highlight the Giants, then press B, Y, R, L, and Select 1990 Giants
    Highlight the Oilers, then press R, Select, R, Select, and Y 1993 Oilers
    Highlight the Chargers, then press Select, A, L, L, and Y 1994 Chargers
    Highlight the All-Madden team and press A, L, L, A, L, L NFLPA Team
    Highlight the Panthers, then press L, A, R, R, and Y EA Sports Team
    Highlight the Jaguars and press Select, Y, Select, R, and L Tiburon Team
    A, Y, A, Y, R (on game setup screen) View Superbowl Win Screen
    Y, A, Y, A, R (highlight quarter length on game setup screen) 15-Second Quarters
    Y, A, Select, A (on trade violation screen) Bypass Trade Salary Cap

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ/Strategy Guide FAQ/Strategy Guide by VinnyVideo 82K

Madden 97 Cheats For PC

  1. Passwords

    At the user records screen enter:

    Code Effect
    HI SCORE All Bonus Teams
    TIBURON Tiburon Fantasy Team