refused to let me draft a guy?

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I don't know if anyone had a problem with his before. It is my third off-season and I previously didn't get to draft the guys I really wanted, because they are drafted ahead of me, even though they are scheduled to get picked after me. So I figured this time I would trade up and "reach" for the player. I trade up about ten spots and he isn't drafted yet.

So I am happy until; for some reason they refused to let me pick the player, in fact they refused to let me pick any player. They basically put up a DT with a green dot next to his picture and wouldn't let me substitute him. It wasn't frozen, I was allowed to look at my draft board but not allowed to pick anyone. I didn't select delegate. As time ran out it just picked the DT. Then the rest of the draft they allowed me to pick players,

Its not just about not getting to pick the player. He wasn't even that good. He wasn't as good as the guy I wanted, and he wasn't even as good as the guy I was allowed to pick in the next round.

Has anyone had this happen to them?