Need help stopping a run play...

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Such a newb question but I play against an opponent that uses he same running play over and over and i cannot figure out how to stop it. He uses STRONG Pro formation and runs the ball to the outside. what plays are used to stop that? Or basically what stops the outside run? Thanks in advance.

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theres no certain play or d to stop it really wat u have to do is play mlb and hold that middle and when he does run look for those open holes in his o line hope this help

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you can try a couple of things. You could try to move just the d line to that side. You could try to move just the LBs to that side. Or you could "pinch" dl and spread the lbs. Worst comes to worse, if you absolutely know that the play is going to be a run to that side you could; A. control a safety on that side and bring him down or B. Guess run to that side.