A great game of football and perhaps even better then its successors

User Rating: 9 | Madden NFL 2005 XBOX
Madden 2005 at the moment is one of the best football games out there today. In my opinion I think Madden 2005 beats out any of its successors that are out today. First off et me just say if your not a Football fan and have no clue what football is then you shouldn’t even be reading this review. Now if you are a football fan then you should know what the Madden series has offered throughout the years.

Madden has 4 different difficulty settings such as Rookie, Pro, All-Pro, and All-Madden so you can choose what’s right for you. If you’ve been a long time player of the series then you would probably want to jump in All-Madden but if your playing for the first time then you might want to try the rookie setting first. If you are a football fan but have never played a Madden game its not very hard to catch on since they have tutorials for you to use. One of the biggest negatives this game has is that it can be a little to easy at times so it has no real competition.

The gameplay in Madden is very similar to previous Madden games so if your a veteran of the series you should have no trouble at all. The Xbox and Playstation 2 versions graphically are almost identical with a slight edge to the Xbox. I however noticed that the graphics can be very glitchy at times like the player uniforms will disappear for a second and then reappear so it is a noticeable glitch. The game sounds like any other Madden game so there are very few flaws in the sound but it really didn’t sound like a real football game.

Value wise the game has a lot to offer such as Franchise mode and a number of football teams to play even with friends. You can also unlock Madden cards which are basically cheats or secret teams and uniforms. If your not happy with the things you hear about the other Madden games then this is definitely worth a rental if not buying.