Madden NFL 2005 is an excellent football game and and also is the best ever.

User Rating: 8.8 | Madden NFL 2005 GC
Madden NFL is the best football license on the market. Madden NFL 2005 stresses defense. There are magnificent, innovative elements for the defensive side of the ball. Those embellishments are abundant and excellent. One extra is the hit stick. On defense, this will position a malicious tackle on the opponent. Madden NFL 2005 is vigorous. The Franchise mode has been changed the most. They added sports radio host Tony Bruno and many othet things. They have also thrown in two new minigames, Rushing Attack and Two Minute Drill, which can be played single-player or multiplayer. Anither new feature is the create-a-fan mode, where you can create and design fans. The stadiums look incredible because they are detailed. Therefore, Madden NFL 2005 is an improvement over last year's game. The defensive changes make it fun to play defense, and the franchise mode is the best there is.