Good idea, horrible execution.

I found this game at walmart. The price was unlisted, but ended up costing me $20 (plus 9% tax). The back of the box made the game sound very interesting, but I could tell from the characters that it seemed to be an Arthurian Mythology knockoff. The game graphics were rather detailed and I enjoyed being able to zoom in and out to view battles/buildings, but unfortunately the game itself did not offer a turtorial as to what to do. I found myself pulling on other real time strategy games from my past as a reference. The game seemed to be pulling from Lords of the Ream III and a skimmed down Age of Mythology version of its heroes. The game takes forever to gather resources and constantly involves building for your economy. The game pays extreme attention to economical needs and that can get very annoying. From my game play I've spent most of the time building the same houses and farms and waiting for resources. After doing that for an hour or so you tend to lose interest in the game. The Heritage of Kings has nice visuals and a nice summary on the back of the box, but it is lacking everywhere else. Unfortunately I would not recommend this game to anyone...unless I hated them.