Right Back Where We Started From... California... Wait, What The Heck!?!

Jak and Daxter are video game icons. Simple as that. They're mostly known for Jak 2 and 3, but back in the beginning, there was Jak and Daxter, the Precursor Legacy.

One of the great things about Jak and Daxter, is the graphics. Everything is brilliantly detailed, and you'll see numerous amounts of weird and wonderful characters, and it really shows off what the PS2 can do. To show how great the graphics are, stand on a really high point in the game world, and you can see EVERYTHING! No weird mist, you can see everything, a feature which I love. You have the basic platformer moves, punch, kick, jump kick, stomp, double jump, but this is still cool. The controls are great, and you'll find good combos you can make yourself, which is fun. The game will last you a while. There is really 101 power cells, which is what you want to collect, but it only says there's 100. These are collected by completing missions, which may seem the same, but they're varied so they seem new, which is great. The sound is fun, and you'll have music which suits the game well, and the voice acting is great, except Keira's voice. It's cool at first, but sometimes when it gets squeaky, it can be a little annoying. The story has great jokes, though is a little bland, but like I said, the jokes make up for it.

Jak and Daxter is one of those must have titles for the PS2, whether it's your first game, or your last game.