It's Just Good Mario Fun

Next on my docket of my new DS games is New Super Mario Bros. If you're a fan of the series, you might find that some of the more-recent Mario games have lost some of their charm, just because there seems to be a new one all the time. But this one's a real gem, because it goes back to the old-fashioned platformer days, and it gives it a good kick in the ass...Or Maybe a fireball in the pants. This game's a mishmash of all the old Mario games we've loved over the years. It takes elements from the SMB on the original NES, blends a bit of Super Mario World from the SNES, adds some of the visuals from Super Mario 64, and even feels a bit like SMB3 from the NES. But it's also a whole new game with new levels and some new items. You have your mushrooms, fire-flowers, star-men, and so-on. But you also have super mushrooms which make you HUGE, capable of stomping and tearing the levels apart, smashing everything in sight. But you can also get mini-mushrooms, which make you the size of an ant, capable of squeezing into tiny spots that bigger people cannot access. The game boasts quite a few levels, including 2 unlockable worlds. Not only that but many levels contain secret exits, which unlock even more new areas. When you start the game, it seems fairly easy and straightforward, but just wait until you get a bit further. Some of the levels get nice and challenging, and you'll go to a LOT of trouble to find all the secrets. Honestly it took me about 4 or 5 days to get through the game, but I'm still going through, finding all the secret coins, etc.
The music and graphics are very nice, and the 3D characters are a really nice touch. Much of the music is a lot of older music, but tweaked and remixed, which suits this just fine. While New Super Mario Bros. isn't the most revolutionary games you can take with you, it's one of the most fun I've ever played.