Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the best game ever made, practically no let downs or mistakes. It simply kicks ass!!!

As I was saying, SSBB is the best game ever made (yet, but it will survive for a long, long time).
Its multi-player mode is simply awesome, especially 'cause it may be played with anyone in planet Earth. It's single player is also cool and keeps you entertained for a long while until you fully complete it. The Subspace Emissary is a real improvement from the past "Adventure Mode". Some of the characters like Mario and Link are simply amazing and they can't be taken of SSB series, and the newcomers like Ike and Metaknight kick ass like hell! The graphics are too neat and have improved many characters' looks. The innovating Custom Stages is something that's very, but VERY rarely seen in a fighting game (if not the only), the only pitiful thing is that you can't use it in online matches (but that doesn't take SSBB's 10 score). Speaking of online matches, their the coolest thing ever made 'cause you can make friends, spend a lot of time brawling and team up with friends or foes, known or unknown people.
Summary - This is a great multiplayer game and will occupy a lot if days of your life, in the good way! And who's not buying the game, is making THE biggest mistake in his/her life.