One of my fav RPG's of all time, but some things are better on the DC.

Skies of Arcadia was easily my favorite RPG when I got it for the Dreamcast way back when. When they introduced Legends for the GC, I thought it would be just as good, but I was a little let down. I'm a musician, so one of the biggest things I will notice about a game is the quality of music. In Legends, they totally screwed over the soundtrack from the original, making it sound horrible if you've ever heard the original. True, you get used to it and after that it sounds just fine, but that takes a while. I have full confidence that if you've never heard the original soundtrack that you'll have no problem with the music in Legends.
Other then that, all I have to say is that even though I've progressed to numerous other RPG's, I still love the storyline of Skies just as much, if not more, then any other RPG.