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  • Review Score:4

    Most Popular mode destroyed!

    I've been an ardent Madden defender since forever. Coming from a guy who used to have to play "Strat o Matic," fooball, (An incredibly accurate, but time consuming game,) seeing all of a gameplan pan out on screen was a... Read Full Review

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  • Review Score:7

    If u have M12, then u have M13

    First off, it is very disappointing to see a legendary name like "MADDEN" throw together something and call it "NEW". The only difference I can see so far is that they dropped the almighty Chris Collinsworth and replace... Read Full Review

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  • Review Score:1

    Didn't think it could get worse. I was wrong.

    Finally got around to getting my Madden 13. Wish I hadn't. By far the worst since I started playing them (Madden 06). No player editing, same old playbooks, worse (which I didn't think possible) commentary, horri... Read Full Review

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  • Review Score:7.5

    Madden 13 for Vita strikes a good balance between a portable game and football action.

    Madden 13 for Vita is, in a nutshell, a good game. The Gamespot review slams it for the lack of updated rosters and stats and claims to have some frame rate issues. While the former may be true and the latter is slight... Read Full Review

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