Just like that...game is ruined

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At E3, all they did was showcase the new Kinect playbook voice command controls and offered no insight on improvements on the actual gameplay. It's obvious what their focus was on this year (EA is one of the few publisher/developers that still strongly believes in the Kinect) and it wasn't overhauling and improving the actual gameplay. I don't understand how FIFA can be so great and this game can be so horrible. I saw the gameplay vids and the game looks EXACTLY the same as last year!

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man, FIFA is broken. impact engine ruins the game. auto-tackling and other auto-this, auto-that. AI is completely stupid. 

i could write a book explaining every problem with FIFA, but i think you should read FIFA 12 forums. it's faster hahah

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the gameplay is always good......FIX THE FRIGGIN COMMENTARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!! WHO CAUGHT THE PASS??? WHO RAN THE BALL???? WHO COMPLETED THE PASS??????? FIX FIX FIX THE COMMENTARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!didn't buy last year's game, won't buy this years either. ea sucks balls. all they have to do is copy any 2k sports commentary.

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Didn't buy last year's and not gonna buy it this year either unless someone assures me the defense doesn't drop every single interception. It's so dumb those sure picks actually hitting the safeties on their shoulders or chest just so that the offense won't lose possession and the game gets boringly easy.

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its a demo people they will have commentary right by launch