Improper shut down

#1 Posted by genealb (25 posts) -
Just curious if I am the only one who is constantly having my ps3 say it wasn't properly shut down when I quit this game. It doesn't happen with any other game.
#2 Posted by IWAOlympus (412 posts) -

This is happening to me as well.  I'm glad I'm not the only one.

#3 Posted by genealb (25 posts) -
Instead of shutting the system off I tried to quit the game first. This time it sat there for a minute, then shut off. Came back on and said it didn't shut down properly. Something is wrong with this game. I am thinking I might be done playing until something gets fixed. I would hate to corrupt all my save data.
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I am getting this too. Now, I'm quitting the game first, then shutting down my PS3. Sometimes it works, and sometimes I still get the improper shutdown. Either way, this needs to be fixed.

#5 Posted by genealb (25 posts) -
This is happening to everyone in my online league. I sent a tech help question to EA and haven't heard anything back from them.....:(