connected career problem- BIG PROBLEM

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i started an offline career as a free safety and i can only play on defence and special teams, but i cannot play as the offence or call any offensive plays. all the offence just gets simulated until i get the ball back on defence. What is happening? i want to be able to play as my created player on defence and also call plays and control the offencive players like i could in past madden games. can someone please help me?

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You have to start a career as a coach. You can still create a player before you start the coach career, and then load that roster when you start the career. If you do a career as a player, you will only be able to play as that player. Madden 13 as to older Madden games: Connected Career Player = Superstar mode / Connected Career Coach = Franchise Mode
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Career as a player is just that... the ONE player.