0 coins for game participation in MUT

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So if it looks like I might get blown out, I just quit instead of hanging around for my 10 or so coins. If I beat the cpu by a non blowout, same thing, so I can pretty much only get coins through solo challenges.


Anyone else getting this issue, I'm trying various forums and from the few responses I've received, I think it may be an issue with non NA PSN IDs. Speaking of which, I'll probably test that theory tommorow morning, I'm just too tired. 

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Having the same problem, but on xbox.

From UK.

Haven't seen any hint of a solution other than wait for a patch.

Problem is I'm reluctant to check if it's fixed as every game with close to 0 coins will screw me contract wise. 

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I sent a message to EAs help centre, they'll probably useless is short term, but at least it's a way of officially reporting a bug.
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not sure if you're glitching or not... I got blown out 48-27 online the other night and I got something like 680 coins.

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Yeah, it's a glitch, that's my point, I get a message saying "0 coins for participation" and a pitiful amount of coins for stats.
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just happened to me 3 games in a row and i am a us resident, this is crap i just beat a 99 overall team in h2h 6 minute quarters in overtime and i got 42 coins? what the heck is that im pissed!!!!! GAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!