Madden 10 re-packages old features while focusing on WAY too many presentations and extras without any core improvments.

User Rating: 6 | Madden NFL 10 PS3
Madden 09 was a huge disapointment for me but none the less I figured it was at least worth giving Madden 10 a chance. For the record, I loved 08 even on the ps2 it had a very high replay value despite some of the same features we had seen in the past.

I heard a LOT of hype about Madden 10 and was skeptical because I didnt enjoy 09 and it turns out my skepticism was right.

First off, Madden 10 has a lot of flashy interludes and cutscenes that slow the game down when you want to play and keep things moving. Some of them you cant even skip immediately like the poorly done half-time highlights with the choppy voiceover. It really seems like EA focused on making the players look good with new facemasks, gloves, shoes, and clear graphics, which I will defintely give them a thumbs up on. However, even with all the new animations and gang tackling, the players still run in an uncomfortable position with their backs and necks hunched, yet stiff, and their arms and legs moving like rachets.

The techincal part of the gameplay has many problems as well.

Madden uses the same stupid a.i. system as they did back on the ps2. For example, as a reciever in superstar mode you will see the quarterback make the dumbest decisions possible. On a fade route, instead of throwing the ball over the db, the quarterback will throw a line drive pass right at you which almost always results an incompletion or an interception. When you are lucky enough to make the catch you will be hit immediately instead of catching and running in stride. The quarterback is also very inconsistent as he will pass behind you right to the trailing defender when you are not open, but when you have enough of a seam to make a big play, he will pass to the outlet man. Also the defenders often get away with defensive holding/pass interference, I noticed this a lot when they were using in press coverage and will hold onto you even after the 5 yard rule.

On defense you will notice the same holes as 09. The pre-snap still doesnt allow you to cycle players forward and backward which means you may get stuck with a lineman instead of a saftey when the ball is snapped.
Another thing they took out was single player audibles. Im really upset about this because I used to love to take a certain play and modify it before the snap by telling one player to blitz, cover, contain, etc.
After the snap, the zone defense is terrible. The defenders will only stay in their little bubbles regardless if there are no other recievers in the area. They may cover a player if they run into their zone but will instantly abandon them as soon as he leaves the zone leaving the reciever wide open.

The franchise and superstar modes are very hollow. It feels like they just gutted them and took out everything that made it different from just playing a bunch of exhibition games. The camera on superstar is inconvenient and sometimes youre superstar doesnt go where you want him off the snap.
The supersim takes all of the emotion out of the game. It skips through everything else when youre superstar isnt on the field and gives you no motivation to play.
Its as if youre player just goes to the locker room when he isnt needed. This is a shame because they could have used what happens in the rest of the game as a type of momentum/motivation/emotional factor and given him "key" oppurtunites with the crowd cheering and so on.

There is also a lack of things to do in the career modes. In superstar, the only way to interact is going to your agents office the only other thing you can do is make changes to your superstars gear but cant change his number or appearance....
They once again left out the owner part of franchise and the extra point recap show gets in the way. (I can check stats on my own)

As far as sound goes, its pretty much spot on other than some commentary problems, Chris Collinsworth sounds fairly good despite the choppy editing.
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The bottom line is they spent too much time on presentations and appearance and not enough on fixing the trashed and ultra stupid a.i.
They really tried way too hard to make this game feel real, but in some ways that may just be taking the fun out of it. Or maybe it would be ok if everything else was as good as all the flashy add-ons. Madden's big boast was that "if you see it on gameday then you see it here". But then if its going to be so real, then why are the players still frustratingtly dumb?

I dont see why this game got such good reviews and I am most likely going to return it for my money back and have to say Im very disapointed and probably wont purchase any more of the madden series until they stop re-packing the same flawed material over and over.