With no competition it seems EA limps to to store shelves with a less than imaginative product

User Rating: 6 | Madden NFL 10 X360
Madden has always been a great game. When people think football, they think Madden, and it used to be for a good reason. The games were brilliant. As of recent it seems like EA recycles its ideas and updates the rosters, then charges us $60. For instance this year they have added the fumble battle mini game, which is terribly annoying. The animation is always the same and it immediately halts the flow of the game-play. Whereas most fumbles you can scoop and run, but this you seem to pile up and wait for an arbitrary button mashing sequence.

EA, I paid you $60 for this game, why am I listening and watching ads? I don't care if Snickers "sponsored" my season game, or if Sprint's replays caught the action. I could understand why they would do this if it was a discounted game or even free, but I find it terribly tacky that they would include this.

The voice acting is terrible, as it has been forever. You can still really tell where the voices break off from their predetermined content. This is something I thought they would have fixed, because it is very annoying. Madden and Collinsworth also overlap each other when talking, like last year. Did they not pay attention to the problems last years Madden had?

The gameplay is very similar to last years game, in fact aside from adding new in game animations it is a carbon copy. I guess they ran out of ideas. They did away with last years rewind feature, which was their change for last years game (hooray?)

They also introduced a franchise store, where you can pay money to keep your players from retiring or even up their stats. Do you really need more money from us EA? You bought out your competition and I don't want to spend 10 bucks to make my players better for one season. What a waste.

Bottom line is without competition Madden has lost its touch. Since they own the only market for football games there is little incentive for them to try and innovate the genre rather than repackage it, update rosters and ad music from the 90s. Get it together EA and quit making me spend 60 bucks for a roster update and a new cover.