good grapics awful game

User Rating: 3 | Madden NFL 10 X360
Madden 10 is by far the worst improvement to a madden by far graphics look nice and gang tackels are great but team a.i. and oppent a.i. are completly idiodic. They try to make stupid catches instead of just catching the ball. The rating system is terrible. Every tackel cant be broken out of which they said you could, and the speed of the game is slow. Madden 10 is one of the worst football games i have ever played. Co-op online suxs because everyones a ball hog and wont let you play. Online Franchise seems cool but in order for that to work they have to make the game playable which it really is'nt. The announcing in the game is terrible i especially hate mike point out the obvious hammin hes worst the john madden. And the other guy whos just a waste of space i want to just punch him in the face sooooo hard because of his annoyance. There are cool features like going out to measure 1st downs, kickers and QB's warming up but all of that just goes to waste while your playing the game. I really wish that madden really could have made this on a decent game at least but they just false advertised and dissapointed the very few fans they are gunna have left after this awful madden.