LOVED Madden 09 hate Madden 010

User Rating: 5 | Madden NFL 10 X360
This game is like last years but that doesn't mean u should get it. The pro tak system gets very very annoying and it seems that that was the only thing they worked on. We don't need 9 guys 2 tackle one mofo. Also when u fumble this mini game comes up.P.S. u will never play it the mini game rarely comes out and when it does it sucks. I had very hi hopes the one very bright spot is the online franchise. It is awesome if u can get 32 of your friends 2 play with u .You can still play even if u don't have that many players but the computer is very retared you can trade the worst player 4 the best player. Also im very tired of seeing Sprint ads when i score a $#@!*&% touchdown. And Snickers 2. If u liked last years game and own it don't buy this game if you haven't played a football game since ESPN 2K5 1st get over it they are never coming back 2nd get this game (or last years game)