Didn't I play this last year!!!

User Rating: 8 | Madden NFL 10 X360
Every year im so sick of buying a 60 dollar roster update. Ive been playing Madden 08 for the last two years because it seems like the only new thing you get with every new madden game is a little bit better graphics, A new game mode that only 25% of madden fans will like, and a roster update. This is rediculous I am more than upset with EA. We need to bring back ESPN football and if there are others that want to give it a shot let em try. My reason is that EA has no ambition to make a better football game because they have no competition. Not to mention in this years game the player ratings are more than a little skewed. Look at the lions...little to high and im a detroit fan, lol. I dont know just felt like venting.

P.S. Im not a madden hater...I would really like this game to succeed and shine but they are just not doing it. So depressed right now had high expectations for this one.

Oh and one more thing, The only reason ive been seeing people give this a good rating is the fact that the presentation is better. The presentiation is no where near 2k5. Sure its got a pregame show that sucks...its got a halftime show that sucks...2K's pre game half time and post game shows were great. Even had the player of the game get an interview after it was over. Funny how a 5 year old game is still showing up a brand new game with systems with more power. So you people who are sayin that this game takes the cake because of the presentation. put the graphics aside pop in 2K5 and remember why you fell in love with that game... and if madden still impresses you then i dont know what to tell you.

Rent it before you by it because The online franchise mode is worth checking out. If you think being able to play football for a season online is worth 60 bucks...aight.

6/1/10 - - I was a little to hard on this game at first but it is still the same thing as last year and 2011 sounds like they arent adding all that much either.