Dont listen to gamespots rating, this is great.

User Rating: 10 | Madden NFL 10 X360
This Madden puts the ghosts of the great 2k5 nfl game away. It is much more interactive, smooth and doesnt get boring. Gang tackles work, the refs are much more into the game as in real life, and all the menu clutters have been put to death. Also online franchise mode is amazing. In superstar, you everything is smooth as in the game, and they Madden finally admited that even Ian Cummings can get into the hall of fame after one year of superstar. The extra point is great, even though highlights and commentary of them would be fantastic. And also, the options with injuries are great. It tells you the risk he can get reinjured and you must decide whether to put him in the game. Overall, this game is a must buy, do not wait.

Bottom Line w/o xbox live- 8.5
With xbox live- 10 ( ONLINE FRANCHISE ROCKS)