Surprisingly good for a handheld Madden game! It delivers most of the thrills despite a few AI bugs.

User Rating: 7.5 | Madden NFL 10 PSP
This is the first Madden that I've ever played on a portable handheld system and I must say that I'm pretty impressed! To fit a game of this size into such a small package and yet still maintain the authentic feeling is quite a feat! The look and feel of the game is instantly recognizable by anyone who has ever played a Madden game in the past, although this may be a slightly slimmed-down version of it.
The only issue I see is that the AI is a bit less consistent (aka FAIR) than its console big brothers. Most sports games have "catch-up AI", but Madden 10's is bad enough that you'll think you're playing the PS2 version! Your computer opponent has a knack for creating its own luck. Got your opponent in a 3rd-and-long situation? You can almost guarantee that the AI will complete its next pass for the first down. Are you caught in a 3rd-and short situation? The chances of your star receiver dropping his next pass are greatly increased. I've even seen the AI officials completely ignore a blatant pass interference call on what should have been an easy 3rd-down short pass. Basically, whatever the computer AI needs to win, it usually gets. Of course it's entirely possible to beat the AI, but you've got to play mistake-free football to do it. Even penalties have a habit of creeping-up at just the right time to bring a successful drive to a screeching halt!

Overall, Madden 10 on the PSP is an impressive game. You can now take the Madden experience with you wherever you go!