When will EA make it right???

User Rating: 6.5 | Madden NFL 10 X360
Honestly this game really upsets me because it was suppose to be this revolutionary game in the series and they say that every single year but it's not that great...the commentary is the same and just recycled from last years...the dynasty mode and super star mode are exactly the same...the only thing that is improved and that I like is the whole pro tack thing and they added the nets in the back of the field goals (oooo so incredible...they even had nets in the N64 version...) and also they put the refs on the field...but still could have been sooooo much better and maybe just maybe next year we will finally have the madden game that everyone will be dreaming of...ncaa is better than this and less glitchy as well because sometimes the commentary lags behind the plays and they will talk about something that didn't happen at all...basically it all comes down to EA has a monopoly and knows they don't have to improve on anything and they can put out a mediocre game with an nfl sticker on it and makes millions on it...LAME...i am going to give it one more shot with '11 but if they cannot perform on that one then I'm officially done with the pro football franchise...