Short game that repeats itself, Sounds fun?

Tiger heli for NES is a mediocre game, even for the NES age.
For starters, the game is fairly bland and VERY repetitive, you only ever see the same enemies and scenery and it gets old, quick. To make matters worse, while I was playing it, It took me a few minutes to realize that the game actually repeats the same level, but keeps your score. The sound in this game isn't the best, nor worst, its O.k, but the same song repeats the entire game, and it gets really annoying. There are a few helpful powerups that you can get called "Mini helis"(Creative eh?)The silver ones can shoot straight with you, the red ones can shoot sideways, which is helpful instead of having to use bombs. So Overall Tigerheli for the Nes falls short of most other arcade shooters on the system, and you can do better with your 5$ that you'd probably pay for the game.