Astounding....QUALITY game

Only downfall, if that's what you want to call it; the game is a little short (thought replay value is great between Challenge of the Titans, and the shear feeling of accomplishment you feel when you beat the game on Titan Mode), There could have been a ton more unlockables for use in bonus play. But my biggest beef with the game, NOT ENOUGH CG CINEMATICS. There were only 5 throughout the entire game. And after playing the first game, this was one of the many areas I was really looking forward to. I'm not fully disappointed, because this game defines Quality over Quantity in the CG area. And I noticed a few times when a CG scene would start, it would be followed by an in game movie, then back to CG again. I was like "WTF was that all about" An example of this is after you defeat the colossus. Your first encounter with Zeus after he whoops your ass (and there is no way around that) cuts to a visually spectacular CG scene. Then when your being pulled into Hades immediately after, that scene is in game graphics, then once you are in Hades and begin your descent, it switches back to CG. Worth every penny. Cant wait for GOW PSP, and GOW 3.